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Self Evaluation
Emotional Readiness and Creating Successful Relationships...
Being prepared to be in a relationship is vital to its success. If you are not prepared, you will find yourself engaged in an unhealthy relationship, or worse, you will not recognize the right one when they enter your life. An honest self evaluation will help you develop yourself into the kind of person that you know, in your heart, you can be.
Because we are with ourselves 24/7, it is often difficult to objectively evaluate ourselves and have the clarity to identify the underlying beliefs that silently drive our lives without our awareness.

The following self-evaluation is designed to help give you objective insight into your personality, beliefs and actions. Honest completion and reflection of this assessment can allow you to identify characteristics that may be preventing you from finding and maintaining successful relationships in life.

Make a commitment to take the necessary steps to improve any short-comings that your self-evaluation reveals. Let the promise of discovering the greatest love of your life be your inspiration and your goal.

As a member, you can save your self evaluation to complete later or save your completed evaluation after completion.

Note: if you are NOT a member, you will not be able to save your self evaluation.

Your self-evaluation is confidential and will not be shared or advertised. After you have completed the evaluation, you may print or save to your desktop.

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1) Did you often find yourself irritated, frustrated, or in outright conflict with your previous partner?
Yes   No
2) Do you see repetitive patterns in your relationships such as, a tendency to always pick someone you KNOW is not a good match for you?
Yes   No
3) Do you see repetitive patterns in your relationships such as, an attraction to individuals who are verbally, emotionally, physically abusive?
Yes   No
4) When it comes to setting goals, do you set goals that are unrealistic or impossible goals to attain?
Yes   No
5) Do you feel confident asking for what you want out of the relationship?
Yes   No
6) Do you care about what other people think of you?
Yes   No
7) Do you tend to be a perfectionist?
Yes   No
8) Do you find yourself trying to fix an unhealthy relationship?
Yes   No
9) When making decisions, do you find yourself making quick decisions without thinking them through?
Yes   No
10) Were you 100% committed to your previous partner?
Yes   No
11) Do you blame other people or circumstances for your failures?
Yes   No
12) Do you focus on what you appreciate about others and not on what you dislike?
Yes   No
13) Do you consider others points of view before trying to get them to see yours?
Yes   No
14) Your ability to communicate your values, principles, and boundaries is crucial to the success of any relationship, especially a romantic one. Do you communicate this well?
Yes   No
15) Are you afraid to love again?
Yes   No
16) Do you find yourself rushing into a new relationship immediately after a breakup?
Yes   No
17) Do you suppress your feelings, withdraw, or get defensive when you are emotionally hurt?
Yes   No
18) Are you a good listener?
Yes   No
19) Are you honest with your partner?
Yes   No
20) Do you try to change your partner?
Yes   No

Did you see any topics that resonated with you?
Where do you need to improve your relationship skills?

What 3 areas are you open to working on to create stronger and more fulfilling relationships in your life?
Does it make sense to establish goals?

You can give yourself a huge boost in self confidence and motivation by designing a self-improvement plan. Establish SMART goals and set up a schedule to reassess your improvements by completing a self-evaluation every 3-6 months. This will give you a target and a timetable. If there is a problem area in your life that is not addressed in this self-evaluation, create the category yourself.

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