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About Us
ForeverUNI is the brainchild and dream of its Founder and CEO. He wanted to create a site that offered an improved method of finding the right match for every person from every lifestyle. Using our global reach, we provide an efficient system for networking relationships, along with finding friendship, romance, happiness and finding a soul mate. We are the leading dating site through technology.

ForeverUNI.com is the go to website for building any kind of relationship. We welcome everyone regardless of their physical abilities, appearance or sexual orientation. Regardless of who you are, we do not discriminate against love.

Our site provide services for people from all walks of life. Those with hearing impairment have closed caption access to videos on the website. These features make ForeverUNI the first choice dating website for people of any community to find a lasting relationship with the help of our global matchmaking systems.

ForeverUNI customized profiles and filters simplify the process and allow users to get the best possible match from their efforts.

At ForeveruUNI we provide tools to help members develop long-lasting relationships. Our Self-Evaluation feature is designed to help gauge your emotional availability and readiness for a successful relationship. Like stepping-stones to satisfaction and success. The dating tips offer guidance and advise that will enhance the chances of each date being followed by another.

ForeverUNI also offers a supplemental income program for our members who refer others to the site and Vendors can advertise their business on our site and connect with our members.

The safety and privacy of our members is Our #1 Priority, therefore, we created safety tips, Rent-A-Number telephone network and incorporated a State, Country, Email or Name Privacy Blocker, which allows you to maintain your privacy and security while still enjoying your dating experience.

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